Thursday, June 30, 2011



Custom Wedding Frame

Matt and Gabie Chircop's Big Sur Indie Love wedding

Photography by Ever Whim Photographs.

Custom Frames for Woodcut Prints

Reclaimed redwood fenceboards
You can see more of my Woodcuts at

Custom Bookshelf

My dear friend Suzanne and I designed this is a custom unit for her space. I'm currentely working on a bench that nests in the space to the right on the piece.

August 21. Woodcut Workshop @ San Luis Art Supply

In a couple weeks I'll be instructing another Woodcut Workshop. Check the impressive work from the previous workshop.

Patagonia Custom Fixture

This is a custom fixture built to house and highlight the Patagonia product
Shell Beach Surf Shop.


These Oak boards were used for winemaking. I came accross about ten pallets of these and completely filled the back of my truck with everything I could. The French Oak slats have a gorgeous patina and grain once the wine sediment is removed. Some of the wood is from last season's harvest and has been bleeched in the sun for the better part of a year. This was one of those cosmic reclaimed material finds that have a rich history. These are just asking to be transformed into a new creative incarnation.

Inspiration, Shelter

“ How very fine it is to leaf through a 176-page book on architecture — from baliwicks to zomes — and find no palaces, no pyramids or temples, no cathedrals, skyscrapers, Kremlins or Pentagons in sight…instead, a book of homes, habitations for human beings in all their infinite variety.”
— Edward Abbey

Natural History Magazine
Phoenix Bookstore.

Alaia Surfboard

Project of the week. I'll be shaping one of these.

Books Stands for San Louie Magazine

The book stands were created for the local magazine San Louie.
San Louie stockists on the Central Coast.

Sally Loo's
1804 Osos Street, SLO

Dr. Cain's Comics & Games
778 Marsh St. #110, SLO

Deer Run
2080 Main Street, Cambria

Grow Nursery
7432 Exotic Gardens Rd, Cambria

Paper Sky
778 Higuera St # E, SLO

Ruby Rose
1335 Walker Street, SLO

San Luis Art Supply
1116 Morro Street, SLO